Full Body Workout in Just 35min

30% More Efficient Training

Simple. Safe. Effective.

The milon® Strength-Endurance Circuit

• For all fitness levels

• Completely coordinated

• 1 min strength exercises

• 4 min cardio exercises

• Automatic adjustments

• Personalized digital card


Inovative Solution For Your Busy Lifestyle

Only 17.5 minutes – one round of the circuit – gives you balanced total body training that cannot be surpassed for simplicity, safety, and effectiveness.

It All Starts With The milonizer ®

The innovative system, called milonizer, is a biometric recognition system that determines the user’s body dimensions automatically in just a few seconds.

The milonizer sends the measured values to the milon CARE software and the universal milon ‘brain’ takes care of the rest: the fully automatic pre-setting of all connected milon equipment in order to begin training more quickly than ever before.



After logging into milon CARE, the user stands in front of the milonizer with bent arms and slightly bent knees. The system uses a camera to capture the joints and then calculates the relevant body lengths.


Data Processing

The milonizer transfers the data to the milon CARE in real time. All milon training equipment is thus automatically set to the body measurements of your clients. 



When a user logs into a milon device for the first time, the machine will then be set to their individual measurements and this data will be permanently stored in the milon CARE. This allows the trainer to concentrate fully on setting the right training resistance.

Intelligent Equipment

All lever and seat settings for the milon equipment are automatically set via camera system within 5 seconds.

Because of the miltronic strength equipment working with electronic resistance instead of weights, you can train within one movement with varying levels of demand.

Completely Coordinated

The process follows precision timing:

– 1 minute on each of the strength training machines

– 4 minutes on endurance and cardio machines

– 30 seconds recovery phase between every machine

For All Fitness Levels

With its broad range and precise equipment adjustability, the milon strength-endurance circuit is well-suited for beginners as well as those who are more advanced with their training routines.

Thanks to their chip card control, all miltronic equipment automatically adjusts to your individual body size and training plan. This eliminates completely any setting errors and undertraining or overtraining by the user.

Milon Circuit Explained

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